Science for Life conference 2019

Parallel Sessions

From 13:45-15:15 hrs twenty young Utrecht scientists will give a presentation about their work in the following parallel sessions:

Parallel Session 1: Advanced In Vitro Models

  • Miguel Dias Castilho (UMC Utrecht)
    Electrohydrodynamic additive manufacturing to achieve the next generation of functional biomaterials
  • Anne Metje van Genderen (UU)
    Engineering a living kidney proximal tubule via melt-electrowriting
  • Yang Li (UMC Utrecht)
    Reconstituting microfluidic tissue-tissue interface for organ-on-a-chip study
  • Petra de Graaf (UMC Utrecht)
    Building an urethra in vitro
  • Heiko Henning (UU)
    The oviduct on a chip -a biomimick for producing embryos

Parallel Session 2: Organoid Technology

  • Kerstin Schneeberger (UU, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine)
    From organoids to organs – towards liver tissue engineering
  • Ellen Stelloo (UMC Utrecht)
    Capturing diversification patterns of tumor karyotypes at single-cell resolution
  • Jens Puschhof (Hubrecht Institute)
    Slithering stem cells: snake venom gland organoids
  • Camilla Calandrini (Princess Maxima Centre)
    An organoid biobank for childhood kidney cancers that captures disease and tissue heterogeneity
  • Marlies Ludikhuize (UMC Utrecht)
    Studying tumour heterogeneity in colorectal cancer organoids

Parallel Session 3: Bioscopy 

  • Peter Jan Hooikaas (UU, Faculty of Science)
    MAP7 family proteins are essential activators for kinesin-1 motility on microtubules
  • Amélie Freal (UU, Faculty of Science)
    Feedback-driven assembly of the axon initial segment
  • João Ramalho (UU, Faculty of Science)
    Control of ERM protein activity in C. elegans tubular epithelia
  • Magda Grudniewska (UU, Faculty of Science)
    Folding and quality control of the ABC transporter CFTR
  • Lucas Chataigner (UU, Faculty of Science)
    Contacts in the nervous system: structural insights into axon-myelin adhesion and beyond

Parallel Session 4: Future Food

  • Jaap Rutten (UU, Faculty of Science)
    Decoding plant root decision making: iteration between experiments and models
  • Suzanne Abbring (UU, Faculty of Science)
    Suppression of food allergic symptoms by raw cow’s milk in mice
  • Pim Goossens (UU, Faculty of Science)
    The microbiome of a devastating plant disease
  • Mark Smits (UMC Utrecht)
    Alternative protein sources and allergenicity
  • Savani Silva (UU, Faculty of Science)
    The nuts and balls of stem elongation